Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pixillusion offers “Live Tracking for Buses” to Bus Operators

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Pixillusion Technologies Inc., founder of the Philippines’ first real time bus booking platform, www.iwantseats.com.ph, offers “live tracking for buses” to bus operators. This “live tracking for buses” program is based on real time GPS updates from buses hooked to the system.  

Online bus ticketing service provider Pixillusion Technologies Inc. is introducing this “Live tracking of buses” program to bus operators to help improve passenger safety. This is a management system that can monitor the vehicle’s “road-worthiness”, such as route monitoring, engine runtime recording, distance travel, and arrival-departure monitoring, and it has a way of monitoring the driver’s driving speed. The live tracking of buses also enables commuters to track the exact location of a bus and its arrival time, depending on whether the bus has real-time GPS system installed in it.

Source: http://motioncars.inquirer.net/

Source: http://motioncars.inquirer.net/
As iwantseats.com.ph and Pixillusion Technologies Inc. are offering such value-added features back to back, commuters are bound to gain. So follow this blog as we tell you more about these value additions. Bus operators may contact Pixillusion Technologies Inc. at these numbers for demo schedules: 
+632 718-0497 or +632 975-2408

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