Monday, February 3, 2014

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is on a mission of reinventing this long-time state of 
our public transportation, which has been the case since in the 1950’s. 
Commuters almost always find themselves struggling for seats, 
thus must secure their seats by going to the bus station 
way too early than their departure schedule.
Most often they incur additional cost aside from 
the inconvenience of travelling twice to the bus station 
and falling in a long line, especially during holidays 
where a lot of people travel. 

With, commuters live more, 
their days are spent more on things they want or need to do,
like spend more time with their love ones.


Travel The Smart Way! is the best way to travel in the Philippines! is making travelling cheaper and easier for people. 

With, online ticket booking, planning your journey is now much easier!

By using in planning and booking your bus operator, 
bus accommodation type, and trip schedule, you have already chosen wisely.

There is more in

You can decide to pick special promos 
and get the best deals available. 
Why not share the good news with family and friends today? 

Soon you will be able to redeem discount vouchers 
and be assured of discount travel with

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