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Friday, February 14, 2014

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pixillusion offers “Live Tracking for Buses” to Bus Operators

Pixillusion Technologies Inc., founder of the Philippines’ first real time bus booking platform,, offers “live tracking for buses” to bus operators. This “live tracking for buses” program is based on real time GPS updates from buses hooked to the system.  

Online bus ticketing service provider Pixillusion Technologies Inc. is introducing this “Live tracking of buses” program to bus operators to help improve passenger safety. This is a management system that can monitor the vehicle’s “road-worthiness”, such as route monitoring, engine runtime recording, distance travel, and arrival-departure monitoring, and it has a way of monitoring the driver’s driving speed. The live tracking of buses also enables commuters to track the exact location of a bus and its arrival time, depending on whether the bus has real-time GPS system installed in it.


As and Pixillusion Technologies Inc. are offering such value-added features back to back, commuters are bound to gain. So follow this blog as we tell you more about these value additions. Bus operators may contact Pixillusion Technologies Inc. at these numbers for demo schedules: 
+632 718-0497 or +632 975-2408

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Duterte Orders Strict Enforcement of Laws vs Reckless Driving in Davao City

Dagupan City Mayor, Duterte warned drivers, two months after he signed an executive order setting the speed limits of vehicles in the city from 30 kilometers per hour in crowded downtown areas to 60 kilometers per hour along the highway.


The city government will fund the case against overspeeding drivers, especially those caught under the influence of liquor or drugs, according to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Pixillusion offers “Live Tracking for Buses” to Bus Operators
”If you don’t have the money to pursue the case, come to the city government and I will fund the case for you,” Duterte told families who might have fallen victims to overspeeding and reckless driving in the city.

He also warned overspeeding drivers who would test positive for liquor or drugs that they would be detained and charged by the police.

”Beginning tonight (Sunday), whoever is caught (overspeeding), smelling of liquor, I order the police to hold and not to release [the violators],” Duterte said. 

Arvin Tado Jimenez Dead Bus Accident

The comedian Arvin “Tado” Jimenez more popularly known with his screen name “Tado” was one of the 14 people who were killed in a tragic accident at the outskirts of Bontoc, Mountain Province.  Tado, 39 year-old is among the 45 passengers on board the Florida bus with the plate number TXT 872. The Florida bus fell off the 500-meter deep ravine at around 7:20 a.m. on Friday, February 7, 2014, authorities said.

Aside from Tado which was confirmed dead by police authorities, a Dutch woman and a Canadian man was also identified as two of the victims. The Canadian was identified as Alex Loring while Ann Van de Ven, a tourist from The Netherlands were found dead at the crash site.

According to the police, the two foreigners were among the nine people who were killed instantly when the bus fell into the ravine in Sitio Pagang.

Tado Jimenez or Arvin Jimenez on real life is known for his role in comedy movies and television shows in the Philippines. 

He is also a radio personality and an entrepreneur. Tado was on a trip to Mountain Province for a project titled "Life Begins at the Mountains". Tado on Thursday, February 6, even posted on the image-sharing site Instagram that he has a long trip going to Bontoc town in Mountain Province. He captioned the post "Long trip, as in trip trip".

The authority is still investigating the real cause of the accident. Preliminary report said that mechanical problem on the bus could be the cause of tragic incident.

 Aside from Tado Jimenez other fatalities who were identified are Marcial Bernard Jr., Andrew David Sicam, Natividad Ngawa, Gerald Baja, and Ana Alaba. There were 31 injured during the incident involving the Florida Trans bus which came from Sampaloc in Manila.
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Monday, February 3, 2014

Next Step for 

is on a mission of reinventing this long-time state of 
our public transportation, which has been the case since in the 1950’s. 
Commuters almost always find themselves struggling for seats, 
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way too early than their departure schedule.
Most often they incur additional cost aside from 
the inconvenience of travelling twice to the bus station 
and falling in a long line, especially during holidays 
where a lot of people travel. 

With, commuters live more, 
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Sunday, February 2, 2014 New Beginnings in 2014

This 2014, 
we are going to experience
a wave of innovation. 
Booking bus tickets 
just got a whole lot easier 

The Philippines has more than 7,100 islands, 
and each of those islands are connected by means of land, 
sea and air transportation both for travelers and residents.  
There are different modes of public transportation available to go around these many islands. 
Land public transportation has been the primary mode of transportation. 
Buses ply regular routes between cities and across metropolitan centers
Public buses have the name of their destination posted on the front. 
While these routes are operated according to a schedule, 
once they’re filled up, buses often depart early.

There are also jeepneys, but a jeepney has smaller 
passenger capacity than a regular-sized bus
Taxis are also readily available in major cities. 

Public transportation means “passenger transportation that is available 
for the general public”. By definition, this does not include private vehicles,
hired vans that require a negotiation and a contract on the rates, 
and similar other rides.

Tourists are often surprised to find that travel by hire car is also possible. 
Just last year, new transportation booking modes have made it possible 
to hire taxis over phone apps on smartphones 
aside from bookings done on a regular phone and SMS.

This 2014, we are going to experience a wave of innovation. 
Booking bus tickets just got a whole lot easier via, founded by Pixillusion Technologies Inc.,
is Philippines’ first real time bus booking platform. aggregates bus inventory from bus operators 
and makes it available in real time to end consumers across the country 
via its portal

Pixillusion Technologies Inc. also offers software, 
on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, 
which gives bus operators the option of handling their 
own ticketing and managing their own inventories. 
To date, the company says they have serviced 
more than 50,000 seats of a popular coach bus company
plying Baguio City and Baler Aurora Quezon.

CL Advincula, Alchemy Business Center, Katipunan Ave. Q.C., Creating Possibilities